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Mormon Claims Answered

Mormon Claims Answered

Christian answers to LDS claims against Biblical Christianity. This book shows that LDS claims are flawed regarding their origin, God, the Bible and LDS scripture, revelation, salvation,  authority and the church among many other topics.


The physical book is $3 to order.


Click here to download a free PDF version.

  • Reviews

    "Citing almost exclusively from Mormons or Secular sources, Marvin Cowan shows that one of Mormonism’s most difficult problems rests in its own contradictory history. Even so, Cowan’s style remains that of a friend, rather than that of an antagonist; of the fellow truth-seeker rather than combatant.

    “It would be a shame for a Mormon not to read this book. It would be a worse shame if the non-Mormon did not follow Cowan’s example of compassion and accuracy.”

    -John Ankerberg

    Syndicated talk show host “The John Ankerberg Show” Chattanooga, Tennessee.


    “Realizing the need for good, accurate books dealing with Bible truth and the LDS point of view, it is encouraging to see such well-informed people, such as Marvin Cowan, taking up the pen to produce this literature.”

    - Sandra Tanner

    Co-author “The Changing World of Mormonism” and director of Utah Lighthouse Ministry, Salt Lake City, Utah.


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